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Magical Egypt Series 2

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We all love Magical Egypt because it goes deep into the subjects we love. Well now we go even deeper. For those who pre-order the Magical Egypt 2 Series to say THANK YOU for supporting us we are going to include a SECOND DVD FREE, that includes commentary by Chance Gardner and the entire interview with our special guest featured in each episode of Magical Egypt 2. This means that you get to go deeper than ever before. Each DVD will be valued at $30 Retail so this is $180 Free Gift to say THANK YOU for your patience while we finish the show!

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5 Stars
ME2 #3 is incredible
This latest ME2 #3 is incredible - from an Artistic standpoint, and speaks to me on just about every level, from my career as a Graphic Designer and as an Artist. Laird’s contribution is and has been 100% spot on as well… understanding it from the programming “left side” so to speak. Chance, Love the ‘Amuse Bouche!!’ (Not to be douchey), I believe you have a typo in your preamble - “wether or whether” - maybe both are correct? as a fellow creative, I thought I would point that out from a place of Positivity. (And are you using Zbrush to make that animation? I’m trying to learn that myself.) Anyway, like you Chance - I approach this all almost exclusively from the “right side” - but also intuitively grasp the left realm from a “Mandelbrot / Mandela Tibetan” fractal perspective - and it drives me nuts that I have such a tremendous time “articulating it” - but it makes this physical realm that much more interesting, figuring out “This Great Work” gives our lives plenty of Meaning - this is why I am reaching out to you all today..!! That is, as Terence McKenna says, is “Art’s Task” - this is what we are all doing here, as Artists, Video makers, Authors, Architects, etc. That being said, I believe I unconsciously have been ‘tapping into’ this whole ‘middle realm’ between the hemispheres my whole life, and have the ‘unique’ brain chemistry to do so… Amazing!
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Reviewed by:  from NYC. on 7/8/2018
5 Stars
Learned of ME via the Joe Rogan/Jaw podcast. Really enjoyed the series and the gems of information it had. ME2 is 10x better in its presentation, visuals. The focus of this series is the art of the Egyptians, their in depth understanding of human anatomy, biology and the cosmos as well as how it is conveyed/communicated in their art/monuments. ME2 is obsessive in its editing (likely why it is taking such a long time to be released). Interviews with guests are substantive in their discoveries. Learning a good amount of the occult. If one is into art/design and is not bothered too much by the strange/weird subjects, will very much enjoy. (And it is getting really weird). Can't give a full account and I really need to see the full series and understand the entirety of the information/presentation to give a true critique. Hoping the rest of the episodes are released somewhat soon, the delays between episodes are brutal in anticipation. But they say patience is a virtue. Maybe the Netflix world has spoiled me being able to watch a full series in its entirety. Can tell their is a lot of love/time put in so the quality is worth the wait. PS: To Chance Gardner - Suggest taking some Onit, caffeine up and hammer the rest out. Sure to be a cult classic in the long run once it is completely done.
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Reviewed by:  from Chicago. on 12/28/2017

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